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About Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance

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Our Vision

To help support Colorado cancer patients as they fight their cancer diagnosis.  No patient should have to make the difficult choice of continuing treatment or maintaining their quality of life.

Our Mission

To provide financial support to low-income Colorado cancer patients undergoing treatment.  RMCA's assistance allows patients to retain their quality of life and dignity through their cancer journey.

Our Goal

RMCA's goal is to provide financial assistance to 100 percent of eligible patients. In our history, we have never denied funding to an eligible patient experiencing dire financial circumstances.

Who We Are

Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance (RMCA), is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance for the basic living needs of cancer patients receiving treatment in Colorado. Assistance from RMCA is for rent or mortgage, food, utilities, transportation, and health insurance premiums or COBRA payments, and other non-medical expenses. RMCA's goal is to continue to provide assistance to every eligible applicant that demonstrates a dire financial situation. Support from RMCA helps cancer patients avoid delaying or ending treatment due to financial stress.

Why We Were Founded

RMCA, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Foundation, was started in 1999 by a group of doctors, patients, friends, and associates of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers. These volunteers recognized that with treatment many patients' household budget was stretched to the limits due to treatment and treatment-related costs. A patient's normal budget is overturned at the same time their income may be reduced because they are unable to work due to the illness. Their stress level greatly increases at the very time they need to be focusing on their health. Our objective is to reduce this stress whenever possible and help ensure that patients can continue their treatment.

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